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How LoftySpot Works

While congregations and budgets might be shrinking, the cost to maintain space continues to increase. LoftySpot meets this operational gap with a technology tool enabling the posting and booking of a new spot in your organization.

Become a member of LoftySpot to list your organization's space and market it to your community. LoftySpot membership includes consultation for which rooms are conducive to rental as well as ideas of how they can be utilized, from co-working to pop up art studios and everything in between! Member organizations keep 100% of the rental revenue generated on their LoftySpot web page.

LoftySpot is meeting, working and creating with a higher purpose.

Our Founding

In an effort to combine a career in business development with a strong desire to help community-centric organizations become more effective, the idea of LoftySpot was born.

There was one problem, founder Jean Steinke, did not know where to start when it came to developing a software application. Jean's husband, Bob, introduced her to the local tech community through a personal contact at This connection led to the perfect fit between Jean and dupontstudios, a software development firm offering a program designed to train non-technical CEO's to be code literate while developing their application in parallel. Jean joined JumpStart on September 10th, 2018 and the application was launched 8 weeks later.

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