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LoftySpot is a new way to generate funding for your organization

Whether it’s a place of worship with shrinking congregations or libraries with declining budgets, organizations need to be creative to fill the budget gap.

Your organization has unique yet functional space that can be maximized for increased revenue through the LoftySpot platform which:

• Provides an easy to use desktop and mobile application to post and rent space

• Eliminates the burden required to track and record room reservations

• Offers an opportunity to build community by hosting additional services such as co-working or pop up events


• Free monthly membership for the first three months*

• Free space consultation including identifying, pricing and advertising rentable space

• Free marketing tools including email templates and online campaigns

• The Early Adopter Program is limited to ten organizations

*LoftySpot terms of agreement for the Early Adopter Program include a lifetime rate of $50/month upon the completion of the the program and desire to remain a LoftySpot member.

Sample Revenue Generating Model

Current Room Rental Scenario

Room Rate/Hour Frequency Total/Month
Fellowship Hall $100 2X/Month $200
Choir Room $50 1X/Month $50
Library $25 4X/Month $100
Fees $0 $0
Total Revenue $350

LoftySpot Room Rental Scenario

Room Rate/Hour Frequency Total/Month
Fellowship Hall $100 4X/Month $400
Choir Room $50 2X/Month $100
Library $25 8X/Month $400
Fees $50 1X/Month -$50
Total Revenue $650

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